Did you know ?

The XTRA fare can be purchased from June 20 to July 19 by STL users aged 17 and under who are eligible to the reduced fares for the price of $64,00 in 2017. The fare is valid from July 1 to August 31. This bus fare allows you to ride throughout the STL network in Laval during the summer for the price of one month a small XTRA fee!

This fare is available at all the STL points of sale, the AMT metropolitain ticket offices in Laval (Cartier and Montmorency) and in all the ticket dispensers located at Terminus Cartier, Terminus Montmorency and Terminus Le Carrefour.  You must have a valid OPUS card with a photo with you.

Students’ zone


An Internet zone for students only? Of course! Because students represent the great majority of our users and they have specific needs.

Are you a student? Well then, it’s here, in your own zone, that you will find an answer to your questions as well as tips on how to keep up to date on our services.

The STL is following the techno trend with new services! You can now access our bus schedules, wherever you happen to be, right from your cellphone. And by registering for our services, you can receive STL news via text messaging, Twitter or e-mail, whatever you prefer. Just go to My STL for further information!

Click here to download the form to get a reduced fare or student fare OPUS Card.

Enter into the STL’s techno age! Explore your zone!

Notice to users : In the evening, after 8 p.m., if your are a woman, don’t hesitate to mention to our driver that you would like to get off between two stops in order to be closer to your home. If the situation so allows, the driver will do so with pleasure.

Saviez-vous que ?

Your OPUS card is yours only.  It is strictly forbidden to share it with others.