Fares and privileges

How much does it cost to travel by bus?

For more information about the best fares for you, please read our services and fares.

Where can I buy single fares (tickets) or monthly STL passes?

They are available at 50 points of sale around Laval and at two metro ticket centres. To find the location closest to you, use our Point of sale locator.

It is possible for me to rent a STL bus?

The Société de transport de Laval doesn't rent buses to the general population.  Those who wish to rent a bus should call private bus companies.

Information tools

How do I find out about changes made to the STL's bus schedules?

Minor and temporary changes are announced in alerts and detours. Schedules also change seasonally - most often the changes occur in summer, fall and winter. For more information about seasonal changes, please visit schedule changes.

Where can I find STL pamphlets with the bus schedules ?

You can download them from our website, take them from one of our points of sale or ask at the Customer Contact Center : (450) 688-6520.


Until what age does a child ride the bus for free?

The STL does not charge a fare for children under the age of five.

On weekends, statutory holidays and over the summer from July 1st to Labour Day, children under 12 ride the bus for free when accompanied by an adult paying a regular fare. This adult can be accompanied by a total of five children.

Can I ride the bus with my child if they are in a stroller?

It is important to ensure that the stroller does not prevent the circulation of people on the bus or compromise their safety. During rush hour, please collapse the stroller and board the bus and carry your child in your arms. This will protect passengers from tripping over the stroller and your child will be kept safe. Outside of rush hours, you can keep the stroller unfolded. Your child's seatbelt must be fastened, breaks activated and body facing the back of the vehicle.

Here is a practical guide developed by 1-2-3 Go!, in cooperation with various partners including the STL, to making it easier to travel on a bus with a baby.

Animals and Lost & found

Can I take the bus with an animal?

Small pets should be carried in a cage, a closed box or a bag designed for pets to keep the STL's clients from being bitten, scratched or from any other risk.

Where can I find an object that I lost while using public transit?

Objects that have been forgotten on the bus are sent to the STL's Customer Contact Center where they are kept for a maximum period of two weeks. They can also be recuperated and kept for the same time period at the Montmorency Terminus.

To find out if your lost object has been found, please call :

The STL's Customer Contact Center at 450 688-6520 (opening hours)


The Montmorency Terminus at 450 629-7226

Customer service

Where do I send my comments or complaints about the STL's services?

You can contact our Customer Contact Center by telephone at 450 688-6520

Send us a message by via the web in the Contact us section.

What information should I give to the Customer Contact Center so I can obtain the best itinerary?

In order to receive the best information possible, please have the following information ready before contacting our Customer Contact Center:

  • The address of where you are leaving from
  • The address of your destination
  • The time and date of your trip

We will do the best we can to respond to your needs.


How can I receive STL news, alerts and notices by e-mail?

To receive your new alerts by email, simply fill out the form and select the type of alert you prefer by checking the appropriate boxes and then clicking on Submit to save your selections.

Will I receive a lot of spam?

You will only receive the information you specified on the registration form. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time. We guarantee the strictest confidentiality of the personal information you sent us.

How do I modify my profile?

If you would like to make changes to your profile, simply log into the online subscription and make the changes you would like to your profile. Any changes made will be automatically saved and applied as soon as you click Submit.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To unsubscribe, visit our website and log onto your profile. Once you have logged in, all you need to do is unselect the alert boxes you no longer wish to receive. Then, save all the changes.

SMS Alerts (STL Synchro offers customized SMS alerts regarding your favorite bus lines)

What information will you receive?

When a disruption occurs on one of your favorite lines, you will receive a text message (SMS) on your cellphone indicating the nature of the problem affecting your route. You are informed of the recovery of traffic in the same conditions.

To subscribe to SMS alerts

Whenever you want and after registering to MY STL, select your favorite lines and bus stops as well as the schedules for which you wish to receive the alerts. (Standard rates apply.)

Schedules via SMS

Chronobus number only

Send an SMS to 511STL (511785) and receive, on your cellphone, when the next bus will be passing in real time. (Standard rates apply.)

Send a valid Chronobus number via SMS. You will then receive and SMS with the next six buses passing at that stop, in chronological order.

Chronobus number and bus line number

Send a Chronobus number followed by the bus line number via SMS (both number combinations can be attached or seperated by one or more spaces). You will then receive an SMS with the next six buses passing at that stop in chronological order.

STL Mobile

Is it free?

The mobile version of the STL is free but we recommend checking with your provider to check wireless data rates. We also recommend subscribing to a mobile Internet package if you don't already have one.

How many kilobytes (KB) per page read?

The number varies according to the page and the type of phone you are viewing. The average for each page read is somewhere between 6 Kb and 25 Kb. Images can also be skipped in order to reduce the amount of data use.

What do I need to access these services?

To use the STL's mobile services, all you need is a cellphone or a mobile device with the appropriate technology offered by a North American wireless carrier. In case of any doubt, please contact your Bell, Fido, Rogers, Telus carrier to find out of you have the services or applications required and to find out how to use these functions.

How do I access the STL's mobile site?

Enter stl.laval.qc.ca into your device's browser. We recommend adding the STL site to your favourites so you can access it quickly in the future.

How to receive the alerts via text message?

To receive the alerts for your favorite lines via text message, complete the registration form in the MySTL section.

How do I access my browser?

We recommend reading your device's manual or contact your wireless service provider. All you need is a cellular telephone with a browser and access to a wireless Internet connection. If you have any further questions, please contact your carrier (Bell, Fido, Rogers, Telus) to learn how to activate this function.

What are the sections of the STL’s mobile site?

You may access the following sections:

  • Schedules and routes
  • Chronobus
  • Alerts and detours
  • Fares
  • Contact us
What is WAP (Mobile Internet)?

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is the technology that makes it possible to display pages of contents with photos on a cellphone. A WAP or mobile site has pages that are much less complex than regular web pages, because cellphones have memories and screens that are smaller than computer screens. In case of doubt, check with your service provider to find out whether you have WAP access or how to activate this function.

Does my cellphone have access to text messaging?

Each cellphone is different, however most new cellphones and the majority of cellphones sold over the last few years offer text messaging. It is normally accessed through your cellphone’s sub-menu.

Is there a subscription fee?

All the STL's mobile services are offered free of charge. However, you should check with your North American service provider to see if there are any fees for receiving text messages from the STL or for browsing our website from your mobile device.

What if I change my cellphone number?

You simply add your new number and create a new profile. Any changes made will be automatically saved and applied as soon as you click Submit.

How do I modify my profile?

If you would like to make changes to your wireless profile, simply log onto My STL and make the changes you would like to your profile. Any changes made will be automatically saved and applied as soon as you click Update my profile.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can unsubscribe by accessing your profile. Once you have logged in, all you need to do is unselect the alert boxes you no longer wish to receive. Then click on Update my profile.