Société de transport de Laval (”STL”) — Privacy Policy

Safeguard of privacy

No users are obliged to disclose any personal information whatsoever to access the contents of the STL’s website (hereinafter called "this site”). The STL nevertheless offers, through this site, certain particular advantages and services requiring a user to provide it with personal information if that user wishes to benefit therefrom. And this is the case, for instance, when a user wants to subscribe to a distribution list in order to receive information on the STL and its transit system or to enter a contest.

If a user opts to send the STL personal information by filling out a form for this purpose and then submitting it on this site, the STL will have recourse only to the information required to respond to the user’s demand and to allow for follow-up thereto. Electronic messages are processed according to the same confidentiality measures as regular mail.

Since the personal information created, gathered or kept by the STL is subject to the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (R.S.Q., c. A-2.1), all individuals have an access right and, in some cases, a right to rectify information that concerns them and that is retained by the STL. This information is kept during the time specified in the STL’s records retention schedule, in accordance with the Archives Act (R.S.Q., c. A-21.1).

The STL does not sell, rent, exchange, loan or transfer any personal information that is sent to it through electronic means of communication, unless the sender of such information consents to it or unless the STL is obliged to do so by law or following a decision of a competent court.

When a user accesses this site, an exchange of data is automatically made between the user’s computer and the STL’s computer system. This data consists of:

  • the Internet domain name, the Internet protocol address, the type of browser and the type of computer operating system that the user has in order to access this site
  • the date and time of access
  • the pages browsed
  • the address of any referencing website

This exchange of data is essential in order for the STL’s server to send files that are compatible with the type of computer equipment operated by the user. This data is kept in a log file and makes it possible to compile statistics and technical information relating to the use of this site. Nevertheless, this data does not make it possible to personally identify the user. The STL does not try to determine the personal identity of a user, unless if it detects an operation that is contrary to the terms and conditions for using this site.

In general, this site does not contain any cookies; nevertheless, access to certain services that are available on this site, and in particular, the customization features (”My STL”) and the trip calculator (”Navigo”) require a temporary cookie file to be placed in the user’s computer. Users may configure their web browser in such a way as to prevent such files from being installed on the hard disk of their computer. In so doing, however, they will not be able to access some of the services or documents offered on this site.

There are no secure areas on this website, allowing for a separate and confidential dialogue between a user’s computer and the STL’s computer system. In general, no data transmission on the Internet can be fully protected against misappropriation or malicious use. The STL consequently cannot guarantee that the information intended for its use and sent to it by e-mail or Internet will reach it without having been falsified, consulted or altered or without the integrity of that information or its authenticity having possibly been called into question in another way, nor even that this information will reach its intended destination. The STL’s commitment with regard to the protection of personal information solely relates to the processing of information that is actually in its possession.