Territories served

STL territory

The territory served by the STL is Ville de Laval.

ARTM territory

Integrated paratransit service enables you to travel throughout the territory of the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) . The STL, STM, RTL and other paratransit organizations take part in the service by providing transportation with their fleet of minibuses and taxis. Please note that your request for a metropolitan trip (i.e., transportation outside STL territory) might be refused due to a lack of resources or budget.

PLEASE NOTE: Particularly for the Central Montréal zone, (between Pie IX and Décarie boulevards) please note that the departure times for the inbound and outbound trips are mostly pre-scheduled and differ depending on whether you travel on a weekday or on the weekend.To find out what these schedules are, please contact our Reservation Centre at 450 973-3111. For any other destinations on AMT territory, the schedules are planned according to demand.

How to register

You are automatically registered for the service once you make your first request for transportation outside STL territory. However, allow for a five-day waiting period between this first request, which sets up your registration, and your first trip. For your subsequent trips, advance notice of 48-72 hours must be given. We advise you to plan your transportation outside heavy traffic times.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to have us process your first request for transportation outside STL territory, you must send us the duly completed personal information consent form, which will enable us to plan your transportation with the other transit authorities, if need be.

With or without a transfer?

When you travel outside its territory, the STL can either provide you with such transportation itself or call upon another transit authority. Your transportation may therefore include a transfer. In that case, the STL will transport you up to a transfer point that it will identify beforehand, and from there, a second transit authority (exo or the STM, for example) will take you to your destination.

Did you know?

When you move, notify us, in advance, of your new address and the effective date so that we can reprogram your future trips accordingly. If your new address is outside Laval, we will be able to transfer your file to the appropriate paratransit service upon receiving a written request from you.

For further information in this regard, phone 450 662-8356 or write to us at transportadapte@stl.laval.qc.ca