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On-call return

Normally, you arrange the time of your return when you reserve your outbound trip. However, if you are unable to do so, due to special circumstances—for example, in the case of a medical appointment, a court appearance or a repair to your wheelchair—your return will be handled on an on-call basis. You will then have to contact one of our agents at our Reservation Centre as soon as you are ready to be picked up. When you take advantage of this “on-call return” service, you must allow for a reasonable amount of time for a vehicle to be free to come and pick you up. It should be noted that the driver will pick you up at the same address where he left you off on your outbound trip.

Changes to a reservation

To change a reservation, you must contact one of our agents at the Reservation Centre before 5 p.m. the day before the trip. A request to  make a change to your transportation arrangements on the same day as your trip may be considered, if we receive it at least two hours before your departure time of your outbound trip.

In such a case, we agree to change the time or destination of a reservation under the following conditions: if there is an empty seat in a vehicle and if your change fits into a vehicle’s planned route. If we are unable to comply with your request for a change, you will have the option of keeping your initial reservation or cancelling it.

Please note: A driver CANNOT change a reservation. Only our agents at the Reservation Centre can authorize a change of time or destination, and they do so conscientiously, taking all users’ needs into account.

Cancelling a reservation

If you have to cancel any transportation arrangements, please let us know as quickly as possible, even if you can do so only a few minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the vehicle, or after that time if the vehicle hasn’t yet come to the pick-up point. In this way, we will be able to avoid needless trips and let other customers benefit from any seats that become available at the time of such cancellations.


If you are not at the arranged pick-up point for your outbound trip, your return trip is automatically cancelled.To keep your reservation for your return trip, you MUST notify an agent at our Reservation Centre within 30 minutes following the scheduled departure time for the outbound trip.

If you are not at the arranged pick-up point for your return trip and if you contact the Reservation Centre to request another time for that return trip, your request will be handled according to seat availability at the time of your call and might be refused.

Customers who are declared a no-show several times or who make frequent cancellations may be subject to restrictive measures with regard to their transportation.

Same-day reservations

We accept last-minute reservations solely in the case of transportation for urgent medical reasons and provided that there is an empty seat is available in a vehicle. The transportation is then provided to a medical clinic or hospital near your point of departure. However, please note that paratransit drivers are not qualified to administer emergency pre-hospital care. You should use ambulance services if your condition requires immediate care.


Companion on PARATRANSIT network

You may travel with a companion if you have been pre-authorized to do so by the STL’s eligibility committee. In that case, when making your reservation, you must mention that you will be travelling with a companion, so that the driver is informed accordingly. If you fail to do so, the driver will not be allowed to let your companion board the STL vehicle.

Aside from certain exceptions, your companion must pay his or her own fare, in keeping with the STL’s fare structure. Only one companion may assist you and this person must get on and off at the same location as you do. We encourage your companion to inform the driver of any information likely to improve your comfort and safety.

Companion on a REGULAR public transit network

If you are able to use our regular public transit network when you have a companion, please note that your companion is entitled to travel for free when you show your paratransit eligibility card. This card must be issued by the STL or by an organization recognized by the STL.

On-time performance and pick-up

On-time performance and confirmation of a reservation

When you reserve transportation, we confirm your picked up, within a 30-minute time frame, for both a your outbound and return trips. A vehicle may therefore come to pick you up at any time between the start and end of that time frame. You must be ready to board the vehicle from the very start of that time frame, in order to avoid any delays and inconveniences for you and the other transit users.

Unless an incident occurs that is beyond our control (unforeseen detour, snowstorm, etc.), we agree to honour the time frame we have confirmed with you.

Late arrival of a vehicule

If the confirmed time frame has passed and no vehicle has come to pick you up, contact an agent at our Reservation Centre to report the late arrival of a vehicle. An agent will take appropriate action to check into the matter and will quickly inform you about the situation. After reporting the late arrival of the vehicle, go back, as soon as you can, to the agreed upon location for your pick-up. If the driver gets there in the meantime, he will then be informed to wait for you.

Arrival of driver

When you leave from your home, the driver generally lets you know he has arrived by ringing your doorbell; however, if you live in an apartment building please wait in the lobby. When your point of departure is at a public location, the driver will go to the lobby and call your name.

Eligibility card

For security and validation purposes, you must show your paratransit eligibility card, upon request,  or show satisfactory  ID on all your trips.

The driver’s assistance

The driver helps you as you board and get off his vehicle. You may count on him to help you:

  • go to or from the vehicle and the door of your point of departure and destination
  • get into and out of the vehicle
  • store your mobility aid in the trunk of the vehicle
  • cross the threshold of the door  of your point of departure and destination

Please note that the driver doesn’t have authorization to take an elevator or stairway to go and get you or to take you to your floor. Nor is he authorized to wait for you or change your reservation

If you use a wheelchair and take a taxi, you must be able to go in and out of it alone or with minimum assistance, from your wheelchair to the seat of the vehicle. If you can’t manage to do so, please notify the Paratransit Service so that this restriction is marked on your file.

Accessibility of locations

Departure and destination points

The points of departure and destination points must be accessible and their access ramps must be safe. If an access ramp is considered unsafe, your transportation might be cancelled. If need be, we might ask you to have the necessary corrective measures taken so that it meets safety requirements.

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