Interruption in service

In order to protect our transit users, paratransit service may be temporarily interrupted when weather conditions or other situations disrupt traffic or jeopardize road safety. Service might be disrupted, for instance, in the event of a snowstorm or ice storm.

At the time of a service disruption, the STL makes an announcement to this effect on the Reservation Centre line (450 973-3111) as well as on the Home page of its website. In cases of fortuitous events, such information is broadcast on major radio and television stations as well. You may also receive notices of service disruptions by e–mail. To register on our mailing list, e-mail us your request at:

Given the volume of calls to be handled, the Reservation Centre unfortunately can’t personally communicate with each customer in case of a disruption in service. If the service disruption occurs after you have been transported to your destination, we will do our utmost to provide you with return transportation within a reasonable amount of time.

Did you know?

During the winter, before the driver arrives, make sure that the snow and ice are cleared from the place where you have to get on and off the bus. If it isn’t cleared and can’t be done in time, you must cancel your trip as soon as possible in order to avoid having the driver come there for nothing. If the driver feels that the space between the vehicle and the door to the building isn’t properly cleared, he may cancel your trip unless you can make your way along there on your own.