The Companion Card—Supporting Integration

In order to make it easier for you to travel on the regular bus network, the Société de transport de Laval (STL) is giving you the opportunity to obtain a companion card, free of charge.

The companion card allows free access to the person accompanying you, when you’re travelling on the STL’s regular bus network.

Who is entitled to an STL companion card?

This card is for people with an intellectual, cognitive or visual disability whose functional limitations justify the need for a companion in using the regular bus network, due to a problem:

  • of time orientation
  • of space orientation
  • relating to personal safety
How to apply for a companion card?

To obtain a companion card, just fill out Sections 1 and 2 of the companion card application form (”Demande de carte d’accompagnement”).

You must then go to one of the centres identified in the section for obtaining more information (”Pour obtenir plus de renseignements”), in order to obtain the professional certification required, and send everything, duly completed, to the STL’s address marked at the bottom of the form.

Don’t forget to enclose two photos, approximately 3 cm x 3.5 cm. The companion card will automatically be sent to paratransit users meeting the criteria.

Where can I obtain the companion card application form?

The form is available at the following locations:

The STL’s Paratransit Service

For intellectual disabilities:

  • Your local CLSC
  • Centre de réadaptation Norman-Laramée

For cognitive disabilities:

  • Cité de la Santé
    • Services ambulatoire de psycho-gériatrie
    • Clinique externe de gériatrie
  • Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

For visual disabilities:

  • Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille (INLB)
  • Montreal Association for the Blind
How much does this card cost?

This card is free of charge. The STL wants to make it easier for the disabled with certain functional limitations justifying the need for a companion, to use its regular bus system.

What are the obligations associated with this card?

As a companion cardholder, you agree to:

  • present your companion card when paying your fare<
  • inform the STL of any change of address
  • inform the STL if ever your card is destroyed, lost or stolen
  • not allow your card to be used by anyone else, and
  • return your card to the STL, without delay, if it is not being used.
To obtain more information

You may obtain more information by contacting:

  • The STL’s Paratransit Service, at
    450 662-8356
  • Your local CLSC
  • Centre de réadaptation Normand–Laramée – neighbourhood team
  • Association lavalloise des usagers du transport adapté (ALTA), at
    450 933-6101
  • Association lavalloise pour la déficience intellectuelle (ALDI), at
    450 972-1010
  • Association québécoises des traumatisés crâniens, at
    450 629-9911
  • Société de l’autisme et des T.E.D. (Laval), at
  • Regroupement des aveugles et amblyopes du Montréal – Métropolitain, at
    514 277-4401
  • Montreal Association for the Blind, at
    514 489-8201
  • Institut Nazareth et Louis-Brailles (INLB), at
  • Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital – Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy departments, at
    450 688-9550
  • Cité de la Santé – Programme régional de gériatrie – Centre ambulatoire, at
    450 978-8363, ext. 24122 or 24123

Did you know ?

Companion on regular bus network

Under certain conditions, some paratransit users are able to use the regular bus network when they travel with a companion. In that case, please note that your companion is entitled to travel for free when you show the driver your paratransit eligibility card. This card must be issued by the STL or an organization it recognizes.