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With STL Synchro, you can keep up to date with our buses’ operations, in real time, at all times, no matter where you are. By connecting to our website from your cellphone or a computer, or by consulting the display units at the stops, you can find out at exactly what time your STL bus will pass by your stop. STL Synchro, because for us, your time counts!

User-friendly and easy to navigate, our site abounds in functionalities that are as new and original as they are useful. For example, one option allows you to select your preferred bus lines and obtain the schedule as soon as you log onto the site. Other options: Specially-designed access for cellphone connection, and if you are registered on My STL, messages are sent directly to your e-mail address, to Facebook or Twitter, to inform you of the alerts, detour notices and other messages of interest from the STL.

In this way, we make sure that we always give you accurate information, because for us, your time counts!

And that’s not all… Because improvements in our services are also continuing to be made in the field. In fact, the frequency of our buses has increased on a number of bus lines and the on-time performance is constantly getting better throughout our network, reaching 92%, in fact!

In short, the STL continues to innovate in order to provide you with the best customer service of all, both on the information highway and on the streets of Laval!

Notice to users : In the evening, after 8 p.m., if your are a woman, don’t hesitate to mention to our driver that you would like to get off between two stops in order to be closer to your home. If the situation so allows, the driver will do so with pleasure.