Methods of payment

Credit card

No cash? No problem!

Visa or Mastercard accepted on board our buses.

This service is offered on all 266 buses equipped with a terminal, and guaranteed on the following 15 bus lines :

2-20-24-33-39-40-41-43-48-50-60-63-73-360 et 902.

The technology being used is contactless payment, which means : simple, fast and safe. You only need to tap your card and go!

A good way to save time. No more planning for exact change or for purchasing fares in advance to take the bus !

This new payment option is available for single fares, in addition to the cash payment and the advance purchase of fares.

In partnership with the Desjardins Group, the STL has been the first public transit company in Canada to test onboard fare payment by credit card.

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Cards accepted : Visa or Mastercard.

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Frequently asked questions


How do I pay using my card at the terminal?
  • It works just the same way you already pay at your favourite stores.
  1. Once you have boarded the bus, all you need to do is tap your credit card on the terminal screen.
  2.  A distinct sound will be produced to notify the client whether the payment is accepted or refused (similar to the one used by OPUS).
  3. That’s all!
How can I pay for several fares—for all family members for example?
  • To pay multiple fares, you just have to repeat the tapping process as many times as you need.
  • There is a three second delay between transactions programmed into the terminal to avoid the risk of accidental transactions.
What is the total duration of the transaction? Is it fast?
  • The duration of the payment process is nearly the same as the OPUS system and is much faster than paying in cash.
What does contactless payment mean?
  • It means fast: contactless payment is instantaneous. All you have to do is tap your card on the terminal. No swiping, inserting or PIN are required.
  • It works exactly like the Paypass and Paywave systems already used in your favourite grocery stores and pharmacies.
Does this service allow me to transfer to another bus? How does it work?
  • Your transfer is given to you upon demand to the driver, just like when you pay your fare in cash.
Are there any additional fees for using the service?
  • No additional fees will be added to the standard STL fare price.
  • The amount debited is the current cost of a single fare ($3.50)
Will I be able to take advantage of the reduced fare for children if I use my card?
  • No. The regular fare applies for all passengers over the age of 6 who take the bus without a pre-purchased fare.
  • The rates are the same as paying in cash.
Can I pay by credit card on all buses on the STL’s network?
  • Yes, on Saturdays and Sundays, credit card payment is available on the entire network.
  • On weekdays; on 12 bus lines : 2-20-24-39-40-41-43-48-50-60-63-73
  • The credit card payment option is guaranteed at all times on these twelve lines and randomly on the rest of the network.

Accepted credit cards

Do I have to be a Desjardins client to use the service?
  • No. All Visa and Mastercard cards with chip technology can be used, regardless of the issuing bank.
  • The system works the same way as the Paypass and Paywave systems in stores.
What cards can I use to make my payment?
  • For now, the pilot project is limited to Visa and Mastercard credit cards.
  • Debit cards and pre-paid credit cards are excluded from the project for the time being.
Does the card I pay with need to have a special chip to work?
  • No special chip is required.
  • The system works with the chip that is already used on your Visa or MasterCard.
  • The system works the same way as the Paypass and Paywave systems in stores.
Can I use my smartphone (mobile payment/virtual wallet) to pay on the bus?
  • It may work but we cannot guarantee it.
  • Given that technology evolves rapidly, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of your phone with our system. 
What will be shown on my credit card statement?
  • The name “STL” will be what generally appears in the merchant’s column and “Laval” in the place of purchase column.
  • This may differ slightly depending on the issuer.
Will I get a receipt for my purchase, like I do in bars and restaurants?
  • Transportation companies are exempt from this regulation for operational reasons.
  • You can use your credit card statement as a proof of payment.


Is there a risk that my card could be charged more than once if I don’t remove it quick enough?
  • No. There is a 3-second delay between transactions programmed into the terminal to avoid the risk of accidental transactions.
Is the system sufficiently secure to protect my credit card information?
  • Yes, our system is very secure. Just as secure as the pay terminals at your favourite stores.
  • The terminals have passed all stages of certification for transactions security.
Could someone steal my credit card information?
  • No. These terminals emit no waves.
Why not equip all the buses right away?
  • This project is being deployed on a limited basis so we can learn from our observations.
How long will the project last?
  • We plan to run this pilot project until next Fall.


Pay cash

  • by putting the exact amount of money in the fare collection box.
  • No change is provided.
  • paper money is not accepted.


  • Load your OPUS card with 8-trippers (blocks of 8 tickets) at the regular or reduced fare. A 90- minute transfer will automatically be coded on the card at the start of your trip.
  • Transfer : When you pay cash or use a single ticket on your OPUS card, you can board a second bus route for free by using your transfer. This transfer is valid for 90 minutes and cannot be used on a second trip on the same bus route.
  • When you pay for a ticket using cash aboard one of our buses, you must ask the bus driver for a transfer in order to receive it.
  • An STL tripper is not valid in the Metro.

Contactless Bus Fare

  • Chrono and Transit mobile app users can buy a digital ticket for $3.50, allowing travel and transfers for up to 120 minutes. Blocks of 10 tickets may also be purchased. Riders must activate the ticket on their smartphone upon boarding and have the driver validate the fare visually.
  • Transfers: The same digital ticket may be reused to transfer to another bus line at no extra charge. The bus transfer window is 120 minutes. You may not use the same bus line more than once.
  • Contactless bus fares are not valid on the subway or train.
  • To learn more, visit

Monthly pass

  • A monthly STL pass or a metropolitan pass (TRAM) allows you to take an unlimited number of trips during the month of validity.
  • A monthly STL pass is valid throughout the STL’s network.
  • A monthly metropolitan pass (TRAM) provides access to territories served by the following public transit corporations: STL, STM, RTL, EXO.
  • Monthly passes are generally on sale starting on the 20th of the month preceding the month of validity and until the 15th of the current month of validity. These passes may be purchased at one of the approximately 50 points of sale spread throughout the Laval territory as well as all the fare vending machines at Cartier, Montmorency and Le Carrefour terminuses.
  • At metropolitain ticket offices, you can buy your monthly fares as early as three months in advance (for example, a December monthly fare is available from September 20 to December 15).

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