Did you know?

The STL has 1010 employees.

Our team
Drivers 631
Engineering and maintenance personnel 123
Non-unionized office workers 169
Unionized office workers 77
Customer Contact Center agents 10

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A stimulating work environment and a dedicated team!

We are renowned for the top quality of our customer service and our commitment to innovation. These are the values that drive our work on a daily basis.

We are consistently on the lookout for dynamic individuals who are committed to serve our clientele. We offer our employees stimulating challenges, excellent benefits and a competitive salary.

The advantages of working at the STL
  • Training/self-improvement
  • OPUS card
  • Free parking
  • Onsite Presse Café
  • Recognition program
  • Volunteer Committee
Workplace Health and Safety
  • Garage air quality
  • Garage safety guidelines
  • Prevention reference guide - maintenance personnel
  • Healthy workplace: Voie santé Committee, Health Services, Employee Help Program, Physical Fitness Program
  • Lunchtime Physical Fitness Program

Become a driver

Driving for the STL means being the heart and soul of our transportation company. Our fleet coverr over 13 million kilometres annually on 45 different routes. Each of our drivers is an ambassador of the STL, holding a front line position in terms of quality service to our clients. Our clientele is our raison d'être and their satisfaction is always at the forefront of our concerns.

Being an STL bus driver also means...
  • The pride of developing your skills in an organization that cares for the well-being of Laval citizens
  • Being part of a team of over 500 drivers
  • Enjoying working conditions and salary that are competitive and attractive
  • Enjoying a stimulating work environment where professional development is paramount.

Innovate in the maintenance team

With a current fleet of over 300 buses, including several hybrid buses and the very first 100% electric city bus to be acquired by a transportation company in Canada, our garage is a stimulating work environment where challenges are always in store!

Our team is passionate and multi-talented, doing work that ranges from complete interior cleaning to major mechanical work as well as workshop challenges such as changing tires and painting. Our team includes forepersons, mechanics, body repairers, electricians, service providers and lot attendants working seven days a week, 24 hours a day to maintain our buses.

Being part of the STL's maintenance team also means...
  • Working in a clean, safe and organized work environment
  • Developing as a part of a dynamic and computerized environment with top quality tools and equipment
  • Enjoying working conditions and salary that are competitive and attractive
  • Enjoying a stimulating work environment where professional development is paramount

Be the best office worker

The STL is a unified team of professionals working in various sectors of activity and it encourages the development of its employees by creating a challenging and interesting work environment. Innovative projects are developed every year at the STL and our entire team works hard to innovate and offer the people of Laval unparalleled quality of service in public transportation.

Being part of our team also means enjoying the benefit of being part of an experienced team who work with passion and who aim for excellence at all times.

Being part of the STL's office team also means...
  • Innovative projects to implement operational and environmental best practices
  • Work schedules that allow for an excellent work/life balance
  • Enjoying working conditions and salary that are competitive and attractive
  • Enjoying a work environment that is stimulating and where professional development is paramount
New employment opportunities in our offices
  • Head office
  • Planning and development
  • Communications and marketing
  • Legal affairs and supply
  • Maintenance and engineering
  • Transportation and quality service
  • Administration and business planning
  • Human Resources