School outings

Do you want to organize school outings with groups from elementary schools, secondary schools or any other level?

We can assist you with planning your group outings using our public transit service.

Notice : We do not rent buses to citizens. We help you to make more efficient outings.

To organize your group outings, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Call the Customer contact center at (450) 688-6520 and give us details concening your itinerary.
  2. Wait for an official STL e-mail containing your planned itinerary (roundtrip).
  3. Tell your group members to bring their STL tickets for the school outing.
  4. You are ready for your group outing using the public transit system!


  • Due to the fact that certain bus routes are particularly crowded, your group might be seperated in different smaller groups.
  • Be advised that delays might occur because of traffic, crowded buses or difficult weather conditions. We are providing a public transit service that is subject to these conditions. If such delays occur, you can call the Customer contact center so an alternative route can be suggested to you.