COVID-19 | The smog rate, normally in effect from June 1 to Labor Day, will not be available this year.

We still invite you to keep good habits in your travels, to take your bike or to try one of the 40 BIXI self-service electric bikes avalaible in Laval in order to vary your trips and to continue the fight against GHG emissions.


Special fare $1


When the smog warning is given, late afternoon for the next day by Environment Canada, the STL sets in motion the Smog Alert process and the $1 unit pass will be valid all day the next day, on all of its regular network of buses and shared taxis.

Exemple : Smog warning on July 26th at 5 pm for the next day → $1 single fare all day July 27th

Due to the preparation time of our fleet and our staff, the STL can not react immediately to changing environmental conditions.

By offering the Laval population a reduced rate, the STL is making a real contribution to improving air quality and encouraging more people to take public transit.

This unique initiative in Canada runs from June 1st to Labor Day.

Stay informed about smog alerts

Upon reception of a smog alert from Environment Canada, we start our notification process by means of:

  • Home page of STL’s website
  • SMS alert to our subscribers
  • Posts on Facebook, and Twitter
  • Electronic displays at bus stations, bus stops and in our buses
  • Electronic billboards on highways in Laval
  • STL’s Customer Contact Center : 450 688-6520

What is smog?

Visit Environnement Canada's website