Our Mission

The STL and its employees have a mission:

To develop and provide Laval with a high quality, efficient public transit system that will evolve according to the needs of the community and improve their quality of life.

To promote sustainable mobility in Laval and contribute to its growth.

To make sure that the means of mass transit on our territory including walking and cycling are well integrated.

The STL has successfully accomplished its mission by operating a bus and adapted transportation network via partnerships and agreements with several organizations.


  • Customer satisfaction is at the very core of all our actions
  • We aspire to greatness
  • All our actions are done with respect
  • We contribute to protecting the environment


The Société de transport de Laval plans to be a leader in the field of sustainable mobility:

By ensuring access to fast, high quality and environmentally friendly services for as many people as possible and by responding to the needs of the people of Laval

By implementing a system of rapid transit and a flexible and accessible transportation network

By putting technology and cutting edge solutions to work as well as encouraging the citizens of Laval to adopt transportation habits that respect the environment. By supporting our motivated and competent team of employees.