Public transit in Laval now more efficient than ever

Société de transport de Laval adds more than 600 km in route service per day to its network - August 20, 2019

Beginning this Saturday, August 24, the Société de transport de Laval (STL) is making unprecedented improvements to its regular routes network, adding more than 80 bus service hours–or slightly more than 600 extra kilometres–per day. “With these service improvements, the STL is continuing its efforts to provide Laval residents with high-quality, state-of-the-art and innovative public transit service that keeps pace with evolving mobility requirements in our city,” says Éric Morasse, Chair of the Board, STL.

Attentive to user needs: off-peak frequencies increased by 50%

Addressing needs expressed by users, the STL has made major upgrades to its bus routes, which already boasted high frequencies. Service on Lines 17 and 24 will be increased to every 30 minutes from every 60 minutes in off-peak hours during the day, which represents an increase of 50% in that district. Along Boulevard des Laurentides, in addition to the frequency increases to Line 17, off-peak frequency on Line 31 is also being boosted, with buses now passing every 30 minutes.

These upgrades mean that daytime frequency on Boulevard des Laurentides with the combination of Lines 17, 31, 73, and 74 is now every 10 minutes or less, and 15 minutes or less in the evening.

The STL has also made service modifications on Lines 22, 26, 37, 40, and 65 in response to requests from both individuals and companies. “Provided they are beneficial to everyone, the STL does not hesitate to implement changes suggested by its user community, so as to encourage Laval residents to opt for public transit,” Mr. Morasse notes.

Line 925 more efficient than ever

Service improvements have been made to Line 925, which connects the Saint-François district to Radisson métro station in Montréal, ensuring even greater efficiency on weekdays. Among other changes, afternoon rush-hour service will be every 20 minutes from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Another improvement that promises to be much appreciated: lunchtime service has been introduced with a return trip between Saint-François and Radisson station, ensuring greater flexibility for users in that district.

Accessible service on 15 routes

Buses 33 are joining the 14 bus routes already providing accessible service for riders with reduced mobility. These routes strictly use buses equipped with access ramps for people in wheelchairs.

New shared taxi line comes to Chomedey district

Concurrently with the upgrades to its regular network, the STL is introducing a brand-new shared taxi service for workers and students in the Chomedey district. Beginning next Monday, August 26, the T23 shared taxi line will begin service on a trial basis, running between the Frégault district and Le Carrefour terminus (weekdays only).

Route and schedule information:  

Take the bus for just $1 on September 20 and support a good cause

Mindful of its mission of encouraging Laval residents to choose public transit to get around, the STL has since 2016 organized $1 Fare Day, during which the price of a single ride is, as the name implies, $1. This year, $1 Fare Day is Friday, September 20. And there’s something new for 2019: for every extra trip taken that day, the STL will donate the cash equivalent to Laval-based environmental groups that plant trees on city land. That’s two good deeds in one, and so easy to do!

School Tour

Students have until October 31 to renew their photo OPUS card at either of the metropolitan ticket offices located at Cartier and Montmorency terminuses to pay reduced rates. They can also get their card directly from their school as part of the STL School Tour. It’s a great way to beat the line-ups!

Details of the STL School Tour:

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