Ridership on STL’s downtown Laval shuttle bus reaches record high in 2018 – 73% more passengers than in 2017

January 23, 2019

The 360 shuttle bus operated by the Société de transport de Laval (STL) was a huge success in 2018, shattering its ridership record! During the course of the year, over 82,000 riders boarded the free bus service covering the downtown core of Laval. That’s a 73% jump compared to the previous year’s 47,400 users. August was by far the busiest month, with 17,000+ riders, compared to the nearly 11,500 who took the shuttle bus in 2017. The free shuttle service has been growing increasingly popular ever since it was introduced as a pilot project in 2016, with ridership rising steadily month after month. Some months actually doubled their ridership in 2018. Once the service became free for everyone in 2017, it attracted 153% more riders than in 2016. The frequency was upped in 2018; a shuttle bus now passes every 20 minutes, instead of 25.

The route frequency is tailored to the season; all weekends and national holidays, and 7/7 throughout summer, during the spring break and winter Holidays, for a total of about 175 days of service every year. Departures for the 360 shuttle are conveniently located at the Montmorency bus terminal (right next to the metro station). It covers the main attractions and areas of interest of downtown Laval. There are 30+ stops along the route, with most users getting on or off at the Carrefour Laval shopping mall and the Montmorency bus terminal.

The figures at a glance

    Total # of passengers Busiest month


Regular STL bus route
Free service
82,169 17,109 (August)


Regular STL bus route
Free service
47,393 11,536 (August)
2016 Pilot project, regular bus fare of $3.25 18,751 3,925 (July)


The 360 shuttle is the joint brainchild of the STL, the City of Laval, Tourisme Laval, Centropolis and its tourist attractions (SkyVenture, Putting Edge, Escalade Clip’n Climb, Maeva Surf), the Cosmodôme, the Carrefour Laval shopping mall, Centre Laval and some hotel establishments.

A quote from Laval Mayor Marc Demers

‘The launch of Route 360 was a show of boldness, consultation and partnership between several of the region’s players. Laval is actually one of the rare Quebec cities to offer this type of transport free of charge in its downtown core.  It is also in line with our desire to favour urban mobility, active transport and to propose a simple solution, accessible to that increasing number of people who want to get around without using their car.’

A quote from STL Chairman Éric Morasse

‘The launch of a tourism-centred free route is an unequivocal innovation for a public transport authority. The STL has an outstanding track record in innovation and strives constantly for supply improvement. The free shuttle 360 is the culmination of orientation and strategic planning in the region, targeting visitor welcome, favouring trip smoothness, speed and ease.’

A quote from Tourisme Laval President and Chief Executive Officer Geneviève Roy

‘This record number of riders clearly confirms the importance of offering an effective transport service to users and contributes directly to lifting the region’s attractiveness. Furthermore, by ferrying Lavallers and tourists alike free of charge, the STL and its partners boost downtown Laval’s economic activity, coaxing travellers into allotting their budget to their tourism experience.’ 

360 shuttle’s history

The various project partners spotted a need to serve the downtown core for visitors who have no automobile or to make things easier for those who wanted to leave the car home, at the hotel or at the park ‘n’ ride facility. Initially a January 2016 pilot project, not only did the 360 route become an official STL network route in 2017, but also a service free to all. In order to facilitate trips coming from Montreal, the North Shore and various Laval areas, the shuttle’s start terminal is at the Montmorency metro, which also harbours the terminals for buses coming from the North Shore as well as a park ‘n’ ride facility. The route, which loops around the downtown area, provides constant contact with several hotels and tourist attractions.

Visit navette360.com to see the 360 shuttle schedule and route.

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