Our buses will cover more than 1,300 km more each day in the fall

August 16, 2018

Effective Saturday August 25, Société de transport de Laval (STL) goes into fall schedule by upgrading its network with over 100 hours of service, a little over 1,300 additional kilometers by the end of December alone. "With these improvements, the STL continues to develop a quality and high-performing public transport service which evolves based on the needs of the Laval community and intended to improve its quality of life" stated STL Board President David De Cotis. 

The lineup includes several changes:

Service every 15 minutes on Laval’s main boulevards

Notre-Dame Boulevard’s route 26 will now pass every 15 minutes during rush hour. Additional service will be added on Le Corbusier Boulevard’s routes 65 and 76 in order to attain a frequency of 30 minutes apiece. In addition, they will be combined in order to provide a bus passage every 15 minutes off rush hour at this strategic downtown artery.  

Improvement of rush hour service

There will be more rush hour passages for routes 40 and 46 in order to make getting around easier in the sector. On des Laurentides Boulevard, Route 31 will be bolstered during the afternoon rush hour.

New trial run express route in St-François

St-François residents will be able to test the new 942 express route towards Montmorency Station. There are six daily trips planned for fall; three in the morning and three in the afternoon.

Transfer to the Deux-Montagnes train line

The frequency of service on routes 26, 76 and 402 will be improved during the week, mainly to facilitate transfers following schedule changes to the Deux-Montagnes train line due to construction work for the Réseau express métropolitain. 

Clientele requests delivered

In heeding its clients’ needs, the STL also adjusted its service on routes 36, 37, 50, 56 and 222, in response to requests by clients. When there are benefits for everyone, the STL has no hesitation in adopting client-proposed changes encouraging Lavallers to opt for public transport.

Two new accessible routes

Routes 40 and 41 will be added to the other 10 routes currently accessible to mobility-impaired individuals. These routes are served exclusively by buses equipped with a swing-over ramp in the front in order to facilitate access for people in wheelchairs. In addition, existing services will continue to make life easier for STL passengers.

School tour

The STL will continue its Laval school tour to enable students to obtain a photo ID OPUS card and information regarding the service. More details at: Student Zone

Schedules via SMS

As easy as pie! The STL offers an SMS schedule service. By texting their stop number to 511 875, the user will instantly receive the schedule for the upcoming passages in real time.

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