The STL is a leader when it comes to protecting the environment.

Entretien autobus

The Société de transport de Laval does its utmost to make its day-to-day operations a model of environment-friendliness. This is a core value of our organization as well as for our entire management team.

A unique Smog Day fare policy

Limiting air pollution and improving air quality is a key factor in all our actions. Offering a public transit fare policy that is specifically adapted to smog days is only part of our innovations.

This measure alone helped remove 1,500 cars from travelling on smog days.

The STL is the only public transit corporation in Québec to support the fight against air pollution in this way, and we’re very proud of this accomplishment.

Waste materials management

The STL takes responsibility for its trash!

We keep a complete record of all the residual materials generated by our activities and we rely on services provided by specialized suppliers to adequately dispose of it in a manner that is respectful of the environment. Here are some of the suppliers we use:

BFI Canada

  • Solid waste recovery
  • Wooden palette recovery


  • Used solvent recovery


  • Paper recovery
  • Cardboard recovery


  • Bulk oil recovery
  • Used filter recovery
  • Aerosol container and lubricant recovery
  • Recovery of various materials contaminated by hydrocarbons
  • Recovery of barrels with residual paint
  • Recovery of absorbent materials contaminated by hydrocarbons
  • Recovery of waste water and residue not contaminated with bus washing fluid. The water in the bus wash is recirculated during the summer months however in winter, this is not possible due to the salt content in the water.

Our recycling programs

  • 13 recycling stations have been set up to recover paper, returnable containers and other recyclable material.
  • Improved paper recycling program: increased number of recipients that are picked up more frequently.
  • A battery recovery station
  • Publishing an article about the environment in our quarterly publication Bonjour!
  • Cardboard recovery program
  • The use of biodegradable bags on our buses