The STL gets involved


Founded in 2002 by STL employees, the Boomerang Committee organizes philanthropic activities for a good cause. Committee members selected on of the programs of Centre de bénévolat de Laval's programs that provides breakfasts/snacks to young people of Laval from disenfranchised areas, providing them with some healthy snacks at their school.

Why did we choose this program?

Because the students of today are tomorrow's citizens. Because helping them eat properly also contributes to their success at school and in the long term, it also contributes to the to the socio-economic development of Laval. It's important to highlight that this program exists thanks to three key sponsors including the STL and its employees who volunteer for this committee.

Since 2002, over $205,000 has been donated to the Centre de bénévolat:

$19,000 in 2010

$18,000 in 2011

$17,500 in 2012

$15,000 in 2013

$15,000 in 2014