General information

Children under 12 years old

Free for children on weekends, holidays and all summer long

The STL promotes an advantageous fare policy for families! On weekends and holidays as well as all summer long (from July 1 to Labor Day), children under 12 years old travel free of charge on all our buses if they are accompanied by an adult paying regular fare.

With this measure, the STL wants to encourage Laval residents, parents and children to try out its improved service offer.

Fare structure

The STL’s fare structure is posted on all buses as well as at the various terminuses.

Reduced fares are offered to seniors age 65 and over, to 12-17-year-old students and to children age 6-11, upon presentation of a valid OPUS card with photo ID. The transit user must have reached the required age by October 31 of the current year.

Student fares are also available to students age 18-25 as of October 31 of the current year, upon presentation of a valid OPUS card with photo ID.

Transit users may pay for their transportation either with an OPUS card loaded with a monthly pass or tickets, or by paying cash with the exact change (no change provided, pennies and paper money aren’t accepted.)

Methods of payment

You have a choice of three methods of payment: cash, tickets or a monthly pass.


  • Pay cash by putting the exact amount of money in the fare collection box (no change is provided, pennies and paper money are not accepted.)


  • Load the OPUS card with 8-trippers (blocks of 8 tickets) (regular or reduced fare). A 90- minute transfer will automatically be coded on the card at the start of your trip.

Monthly pass

  • A monthly STL pass or a metropolitan pass (TRAM) allows you to take an unlimited number of trips during the month of validity.
  • A monthly STL pass is valid throughout the STL’s network.
  • A monthly metropolitan pass (TRAM) provides access to territories served by the following public transit corporations: STL, STM, RTL, AMT.
  • Monthly passes are generally on sale starting on the 20th of the month preceding the month of validity and until the 15th of the current month of validity. These passes may be purchased at one of the approximately fifty points of sale spread throughout the STL’s territory as well as at Cartier and Montmorency terminuses.
  • The monthly pass is valid from the 1st to the 30th or 31st of the month.


Why use a smart card?

For transit users, the OPUS smart card system makes it easier to buy and use transit passes and tickets. For public transit corporations and organizations, it helps better control revenues and significantly helps cut down on fraud. Everyone benefits!