Services and fares

Did you know that public transit is the most economical method of travel?1

Average cost

  • Public transit: $0.17 per kilometre
  • By car: $0.41 per kilometre

By using public transit, Montréal households saved $570 million in 2003—an average of $400 per household!

1 According to a study conducted by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

To travel on a bus operated by the Société de transport de Laval, you may pay cash or with an OPUS card loaded with the fares you need: for example, a monthly pass or tickets.

The OPUS card—a practical, clever and safe way to travel on public transit!


Your OPUS card accompanies you on all your trips in Laval and Greater Montréal, whether you take the bus, metro or train!

In fact, you may load various types of passes and tickets on your OPUS card. For example, you may load a monthly STL pass and 8 STM tickets or a Zone 3 TRAM. And so no matter where or how you go, you always use the same OPUS card.

Carte OPUS