Shared Taxis

No bus passes near your area? Check and see whether one of our shared taxis serves your neighbourhood! A shared taxi takes you to a pre-determined point where you can then use our regular bus network.

This service is available in areas of Laval that aren’t served by STL buses. Some shared taxis provide regular service, while others are available on-call only.

Schedule starting June 22, 2013

Route Schedule for Regular Service
Schedule for On-Call Service
T-03 rue Saulnier Weekdays and Weekends - Map of route
T-07 Mtée St-François / St-Elzéar / Vimont Weekdays Weekdays - Weekends Map of route
T-10 Ave. Des Perron / Des Laurentides - Weekdays Map of route
T-11 Impact 440 / Louis-B.-Mayer


- Map of route
T-12 Cléroux / St-Martin Weekdays WeekdaysWeekends Map of route
T-14 Ste-Rose / St-Eustache Weekdays - Map of route
T-16 Armand-Frappier Weekdays - Map of route


Procedure for using regularly-scheduled taxi service

Get to the requested stop at least 5 minutes before the time that the taxi is scheduled to pass by there, according to the regular schedule.

The shared taxi will make its rounds whether or not there are passengers waiting.

Reminder: You must have an OPUS card, loaded with a valid fare on the STL network, in order to use the shared taxis shuttle service. No cash payments are accepted.

Procedure for using on-call taxi service

  • Reserve a seat for a departure marked on the on-call taxi schedule, by phoning CO-OP Taxi de Laval, at 450 688-8700.
  • The reservation must be made 30 minutes or more before the planned trip.
  • Mention that it is a reservation for on-call taxi shuttle service and provide the following information to CO-OP Taxi de Laval:

    • the departure time of the taxi trip;
    • the corresponding trip number, which is marked on the schedul;
    • the number of your OPUS card, which is (marked on the upper right-hand side of the card);
    • your address and telephone number;
    • the number of the stop where you want to be picked up (pick-up point);
    • the number of the stop where you want to be dropped off by the taxi (drop-off point).

  • In your neighbourhood, you must go to the requested stop, according to the time marked on the schedule for your on-call shared taxi. Please note that if the passenger isn’t there, when the taxi passes by the stop, the driver won’t wait.
  • When you’re picked up by the taxi, you must show your OPUS card to the taxi driver, so that he can check it. Passengers without an OPUS card won’t be accepted aboard the shuttle. To use this shuttle, passengers must have an OPUS card loaded with a valid public transit fare on the STL network.