Quality Guarantee

On-time Service

Being on time is our priority, too

You want buses to arrive at the stops on-time?

The STL does our best everyday to offer you unmatched service, especially when it comes to our on-time record. We are constantly working to improve our punctuality on a daily basis.

Our guarantee

Buses that arrive at your stop on-time! Under normal conditions, your bus should never be more than five minutes late. However, we recommend arriving five minutes before the bus is scheduled to be at your stop  in case there is a difference between your watch and the driver’s.

  • If we fail to meet this commitment, we will send you a fare that can be used on our regular network.
  • This guarantee only applies to the 44 bus lines on the STL’s regular network under normal operating conditions. Delays caused by detours, heavy traffic, snowstorms, work disputes or any other circumstance beyond our control are not covered.



We love taking care of you

You want smooth rides?

All our employees are concerned about your well-being. And to ensure your comfort aboard our buses, our drivers make it their duty to serve you with courtesy and to drive smoothly.

Our guarantee

Courteous service and smooth driving on the part of our drivers. If you feel that a driver was discourteous or that he didn’t drive his vehicle smoothly, please let us know. We will look into the matter and take the necessary measures to remedy the situation. In addition, if we find that we didn’t honour our commitment, we will send you a free bus fare that you can use throughout our regular network.



We look after keeping our buses clean!

You want buses that are impeccably clean?

Every night, our maintenance crews thoroughly clean the buses that have transported nearly 60,000 passengers during the day. A daily cleaning operation, so that travelling with us is always pleasant!

Our guarantee

Clean buses inside, where you don’t run the risk of getting dirty

If, despite our care and attention, your clothes get soiled on a seat or on an inner side of a bus, please let us know. If need be, we will give you instructions on how to obtain a refund for the cleaning expenses you had to incur.


Quality of Information

We give you accurate information and the shortest route

You want to travel hassle-free?

We offer you reliable information to plan your trips on all of our 44 regular bus routes, 2,551 stops and over 600 kilometres of routes.

Our guarantee

Accurate information about our bus schedules and the fastest way to get where you’re going

If an error is made in the information you’re given about the time that a bus arrives at a given stop or if suggested directions cause you any inconveniences in travelling, we will send you a free bus fare that you can use throughout our regular network.


The Right to Express Yourself and To Be Heard

You want to share your point of view with us? We want to hear it!

If you have any comments or suggestions to make about our service, let us know! Use the Internet form to write to us.

Our guarantee

If we fail to answer within 5 working days, following receipt of your duly completed form, the STL will send you a courtesy ticket valid for a trip on any of our buses.


To take advantage of our Quality Guarantee, please phone our Customer Contact Centre at
450 688-6520
, Monday to Friday, 6:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., or Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.